Flores y Espinas is a permanent exhibition that comes from an invitation to decode, to investigate and to comment on eternal issues. Here, artists are involved with their work—not as spectators but as actors—within the space offered by the French-Salvadorian artist Ahtzic Silis. With the invitation to participate in this exhibition, artists are invited to enrich this project, by giving them a complete aesthetic, technical and discursive freedom in their approaches and interpretations on the issues surrounding the exhibition.


Flores y Espinas is a project created with the collaboration of 76 artists from France, El Salvador, Peru, Belarus, Mexico, Guatemala, England, Germany, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Chile, Macedonia, Colombia, Spain, United States, Finland. The series f&e contains approximately 4000 images to date.


F&E :
October 2012_embassy of El Salvador, Paris, France
April 2012_MARTE, Museo de Arte de El Salvador
March 2011_Semaine de la Francophonie, La Habana, Cuba
May 2010_Festival de la Diversité Culturelle, UNESCO, Paris, France
November 2009_Regards sur l’Amérique Latine, SCOPE2 & TRILLES-DUMONT architectes, Paris
February 2009_Pangea Marseille, France
June 2008_Gallery Ahtzic Silis, Lyon, France







• The artists of Flores y Espinas:

Ahtzic Silis, Guillermo Araujo, Rolando Rocha, Gleb Lyamenkoff, Christian Nabais, Juliette Parente-Wiesike, Danielle Stéphane, Marc Desroches, Isabelle Pérez, Borax, Laure Abouaf, Bruno Perrin, Antoine Quereuil, Emmanuel Spassoff, Tteva Glass, Emilie Raud, Delphine Salle, Jean-Marc Boucheret, Karla Segura Pantoja, Javier Torres, Cap Phi, Sergio Albujar, Virginie Huj, Manuel Casellas Soria, Roberto Almarza, Marta San Gregorio de Lucas, Sara San Gregorio de Lucas, Bernadette Brouillat, Jean Pierre Davila, Stefanie Manhillen, Ulla Schirmbeck, Paula van den Elshout, Christophe Labole, Spartacous Cacao, Malu, Miguel de Unamuno Vera, Vanesa Cintas Muños, Julia Muriel, Claire Pontonnier, Paola Lorenzana, Maria Alonso García, Claire Defosse, Ronald Morán, Daniel Ruiz, Celina Hernández, Esael Araujo Funes, Miguel Vásquez González, Jacob Cortéz, Mariana Moisa, Kim Reinders, Alberto Merino, Saúl Ayala, Erwin Nerderhof, Abby Weider, Enrique Anibal, Rafael Figueroa, Alejandra Rodríguez, Sandro Stivella, Marielos Imey, Sara Boulogne, Boris Ciudad Real, Oscar Cornejo, Robert Dandarov, Iliana García, Saúl López, Vankiep Silis, Orel Doñan, Michelle Berthet, Irene Castro, Heiner Boerger, Florepea, Alain Claudin, Alice, Roberto Torres, Silvia Rosales Montano, Marie-Claire Cano.


† Music, samples & remixes from:
GHOSTS I - IV & THE SLIP by Nine Inch Nails
BOREDROOM by CiggiBurns
INDRA, SHOW ONOFF & FIANA by Dimitri Artemenko
RELIEF by Gurdonark
TEPID CUPS by Gurdonark
BELOW [frozen in time mix] by Hisboyelroy
LIGHTS by Donnie Drost
ARABESQUE [music box] by Kazuki Mishima
COME BACK by Melissa Brewer
WORDS OF GRATITUDE by Abstract Audio
FALLING by Snowflake
WINTER WALK [Silver Trumpet Mix] by Spinningmerkaba
SPINNIN by Grapes
BELOW [Zubik Arabesca Rmx) by Zubik
THE WHITE CUBE [Omni Vista's Ambient Space Mix] by Omni Vista
LONG WINTER by Anandamine
LIFE AND ART by Debbizo




TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROJECT (the call for participation is permanent):

• The series contains approximately 4000 images to date.
• Artists who choose to join the series must respect the formal characteristics of the series on the format of pieces, i.e., pictures in seven by seven centimeters.
• The pieces presented should be mounted on a rigid surface (with a minimum thickness of 2 milimeters) for easy installation, e.g., cardboard, metal, wood, etc.
• Each artist may submit 5 pieces as minimun. If the participant collaborates with more than 5 works, the amount must correspond to a multiple of 5.
• These works will be exposed with the initial series.
• The artists have complete aesthetic, technical and discursive freedom in their approaches and interpretations of themes that the series includes, such as: duality, sex, love, violence, culture, pain, politics, religion, death, loneliness, censorship, etc.
• The works will be exhibited in other spaces that also adopt the project ‘Flores y Espinas’ as part of itself and as a record of the dialogue with this. Moreover, the works will be permanently exhibited in Ahtzic Silis’s gallery, localized at the city of Lyon (France), and also on the website dedicated to the project. For that, the formalities of donation, consent for use of pictures and the authorship, should be established as colaboration in a document done previously.
• The postage and shipping of the works will be responsibility of the participant. The organizers assume no liability for damages or deviations in the sendings of works. In case of non-acceptance of a work (due to its content: illegal, racist, offensive...), the organizers do not undertake to return automatically the work received. If the participant requires the return of his work, he (or she) shall bear of postage.
• Please include in the shipment: Name of artist/ names of the artists/ or name of the group of artists; nationality; the number of works; technique (or techniques) used; address; e-mail; website (if applicable).
• IMPORTANT: remember to mark on all parcels: «DOCUMENT FOR TEMPORARY CULTURAL PURPOSE - WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE». For custom declaration, DO NOT declare values over 10 euros or 10 US dollars. The organizers will not pay for custom taxes.
• Delivery or shipment of the works, with the signed authorization, must be done to the following addresse:

Ahtzic SILIS
6 rue Mazard
69002 Lyon, Franc

• For more information:
+33 (0)4 78 62 70 82
+33 (0)6 66 52 77 57



Contrat Creative Commons

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